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Impulse Generator
Impulse Generator 4.6 MV


1 MV AC Resonant
1 MV AC Resonant




HV Impulse Test Circuits & Controls

Troubleshooting, maintenance and operation of impulse generators of any age and by all manufacturers, past and present.

Impulse Test equipment upgrades designed and supplied including:

Impulse testing applications and test object trouble shooting:

HV AC & DC Hipot Test Circuits & Controls

Troubleshooting of Hipot test equipment and controls:

Transient Related Measurement and Control Interference Problems

Troubleshooting of problems related to measurement and control system failures during high voltage testing.


Partial Discharge Testing and Interference Problems

Troubleshooting of partial discharge test circuits (RIV and apparent charge circuits)


Third Party Test Witnessing of HV Test Equipment & Transformers


Test Equipment Operation
Specializing in Impulse & PD Testing

A substitute or stand-in test operator can be provided to temporarily replace your own test equipment operator.


Operator Training Programs

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